Our Story

So how did we start?

Hi there! My name is DOM, and let me tell you our story.

On December 2022, My close friend CARL called me at the middle of the night. He found himself heartbroken. Things were not going the way he always thought it would be.  Afterwards, he asked me:

“Brother, how can I change from being this pathetic person and living without a purpose in life?”

Being the person  who is always there for him, I told him that you should strive to be better and keep going forward despite all the things happened. 
As days went by, I was determined to help him out in the best way I can so that he can one day regain his confidence.
Sure enough, he is slowly doing it and making strive in achieving his goals.

One day on another call with him, he asked me: 

“Would it be nice if we start something that is close to our heart? What if we help others regain their confidence like you did to me?”

I told him, that would be great! I saw his confidence and determination in the recent times. I asked him again:
“How are we going to do it then?”

“We are going to make a clothing brand!” he answered
So that is how 7TH-OVER starts.



Our mission is to empower young individuals to be confident and embrace positivity through meaningful and expressive fashion. We strive to design clothing that has a story that is sure to inspire individuals and regain their strength and motivation to achieve their goals and success.



7TH-OVER seeks to be more than just a clothing brand but a community for individuals that are always striving to be the best version of themselves.
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